Roman Numeral Ten Marks the Spot (The Latest in Treasure Map Onesies)

curious kid10 moLars, you sweet, curious boy. I actually had this month’s treasure map onesie made on-time, but now that you crawl everywhere and can crab-walk around the couches, there seems to be zero time to get anything else done besides feed you, change you, chase you around the park, backyard, and our ever-shrinking home, and give you all the love in the world!

You cut a new tooth this month, bringing the count to two whopping little white caps. With those teeth, you’ve tried beets (liked) quinoa, (did not like), steamed green beans (loved) and an assortment of squash (that you tolerated.) You still nurse quite a bit, which we both seem to love. You are a champ at saying “mamamama” and “dadadada” and I swear I’ve also heard a “ba-nanana” in the mix as well- which makes sense as that’s both your favorite food AND the shape of your favorite teething toy, your baby tooth brush. (See below for link to this magical item!) We’ve been having so much fun with you Lars, thank you for being such a fun, talkative, and loving baby- even when teething pain gets you down. You are our best adventure, by far.

done on concreteHere’s the skinny on this month’s onesie:

I love the movie Goonies (we even took our babymoon up to Canon Beach and to visit the Goonies House!) So this month, I wanted to make an “X-Marks the Spot” treasure map for Lars to wear on his chest. Also, because he’s such a treasure! Come on, you saw that coming… X is the Roman Numeral for 10, so yea, I almost had no choice but to make a treasure map. The process involved an assortment of fun techniques including, but not limited to: potato carving and stamping, painting, embroidery, and drawing. I did most of the map embellishing in the wee hours of the morning when our house was dark and quiet, but here are a few process shots.


I really enjoyed making this treasure map. There is a skull cave, a sea monster, a hobo campfire, dark and stormy mountains (with glow-in-the-dark snow, thanks to some spare embroidery floss I had left over from a Halloween project) castle, hay stacks, forests, a ship and of course a key, for obvious navigation purposes.

To celebrate Lars turning 10 months, we took a little road trip up to Santa Barbara to visit the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate. (One of mommy and daddy’s favorite places.) This was Lars’ second visit, and we were shocked by how many folks there remembered, and warmly greeted him.  
zoom 10 mo It was a beautiful, sunny day and I would have taken a lot more photos, but I was preoccupied  keeping a close eye on Lars who was busy grabbing and trying to eat everything from rocks to rare orchids! That said, we all had a fantastic time and look forward to more adventures together as a family!

lars and cimbidiums hor
lars and cimbidiums hor

And in case you are curious, here’s the banana shaped baby tooth brush that we swear by! Lars loves it and takes it everywhere!!



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