Needle-Felted Peeps: Hand-Crafted Easter Treats!

Felted Easter "Peeps"
I started making Easter-themed Needle-Felted “Peeps” a few months ago, and could not wait to share them with you. What started with two small yellow bunnies, quickly multiplied (they are rabbits after all) into a dozen or so in assorted colors.
Boxes of Four
My little sister loves eating Peeps at Easter. The only caveat, is that she only likes them stale. Very stale. I happened to have a “vintage” (2-year old box) waiting for her in my cupboards, and unfortunately for her, I had to open that box for a closer look at these traditional springtime sweets.
One of these things is not like the others...
The Marshmallow Peeps seemed to want a closer look at the Needle-Felted Peeps after a while too…
Needle-Felted Easter Marshmallow Candies
While there might not be room in my belly for marshmallow AND woolen Easter Peeps (please note mine are NOT edible!) there is certainly enough room in my heart and cupboard for the Needle-Felted Peeps AND the original marshmallow variety. Hope you enjoy these little fuzzy holiday friends!!
And by the way, these Felted Easter Peeps are now in my Etsy Store! 

Want to learn how to make these? I’m teaching a class on April 16th!



  1. says

    Thanks Patricia!! Me either- only a fan of their undeniable cuteness!

    Roxanne, I SURE will! She’s been working so much lately she might mistakenly try to eat mine!! xoxo

    Awww Farrah! You sassy lady! Leave it to you to step up the needle felting with Easter Bunny Cashmere! Love it!


  2. says

    These are the cutest felted items I’ve ever seen! Adorable. I’ve tried it, cannot seem to do it, so I think you are awesome! Thanks for sharing .. great pics, btw. ~Molly

  3. says

    Um… I really don’t like Peeps, they make me kinda sick… BUT yours are so dang cute!!! AND they’re sold already! Way to go Meg!


  4. Anonymous says

    This is one of the cutest and clever things I have ever seen! I wonder if they puff up if you put them in the micro like the real ones. lol (joking).

    Peggy in Sweden

  5. says

    Yum! Those are precious. I’m afraid to even think about starting a new hobby right now, I’ve got WIPs in crochet, knitting and sewing all over the place. Plus I like to read. Lol!!! I love the idea and your photography is great. :)

  6. says

    Thank you Janee! I really am only a fan of their cuteness…

    Peggy in Sweden, Hahah I have not tried that!

    Mommafo, Thanks for the nice words about the photos- I know what you mean about WIPs all over the house… Needle felting has been highly addicting for me… if you start, you may not be able to stop!

    Liz, you and my sis should hang out! How long do you save yours before you eat them?

    BlogbyTina, thank you so much! Im so glad they made you happy :)

    Prairie Patch, THANK YOU!! :D

    Hello Olive, of course! I always appreciate when people share!

    Thanks so much to all the commenters- and FYI, i am working on a set of PDF instructions so that you can try making your very own Peeps at home! Whether you microwave them afterwards is entirely up to you… PEGGY! Hahaha



  7. says

    Those are SO darling!!! I would certainly rather have those than the marshmallow ones that are disappear WAY too fast and leave behind a bellyache.


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