Catching up!

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I’ve managed to post new projects  EACH WEEK on, (while somehow neglecting my own blog) But anyway! August is National Picnic Month and I’ve been focused on making the most stellar, kid-friendly, pic-a-nic basket crafts you ever did see! Check out my Wooden Butter Knife Tutorial (TOTALLY FUN and kid-safe!), my Stitch-Trimmed Napkin Tutorial […]


Felt Family! Soft Book! Stenciled Shoes! Knitting Forks!


Have you seen my latest posts over at eHow? Between chasing after a VERY active toddler and managing several freelance projects, I’ve barely had time to check in and share. Going on vacation and need a craft for your bored back-seat passengers? Make your own Felt Family for Photo Ops! Babies love soft books- especially […]

Blogging for eHow & Constellation Camp-Out Maps

radmegan blogs for eHow

I’m super excited to announce that I’m an eHow blogger now! I’ve always loved crafting with kids, so I am extra super stoked that kid crafts are my area of focus. If you are interested in seeing what I’m working on, please visit my author profile page at: (Or just click the image below) My first […]

The Last Onesie


Baby boy, sunshine of my life, you are killing it with this whole “adorable toddler thing.” Your word count is up to “Mama, Dada, Na-Ma (grandma), moon, moo (sounds similar to moon but happens only when a cow is visible) no, nose (again, a similar sounds but is accompanied by a baby-sized index finger in […]

Craftcation ’14 in Instagram Pictures


The Craftcation Conference was this passed weekend and what a tremendous time we had! BIG thanks to Delilah and Nicole who organized another incredible event, and big, big thanks to my mom for watching sweet baby Lars while I lead photo tours, taught my light box workshop and answered questions about DSLR settings. We all […]

Teaching Photography Workshops Galore at Craftcation 2014!

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I’m teaching at the Craftcation Conference in Ventura, CA today and tomorrow! My classes usually fill up, so I decided to put my hand-outs online for those of you who can’t attend my: DIY Lightbox Workshop or my Getting to Know your DSLR Workshop: Radmegans Understanding Exposure Radmegans_recipe_for_DOF Radmegans_recipe_for_LongExposure Radmegans_recipe_for_Bracketing (download and print these, fold […]