This One Goes to Eleven: A Boy & His Onesie


  My dear sweet Lars, I wish I had thought to write little updates about you months and months ago, I’m sure there was always a lot to say about your development back in those early months, but now that you are one month shy of a year old, you seem to be growing and […]


Craftcation ’14 in Instagram Pictures


The Craftcation Conference was this passed weekend and what a tremendous time we had! BIG thanks to Delilah and Nicole who organized another incredible event, and big, big thanks to my mom for watching sweet baby Lars while I lead photo tours, taught my light box workshop and answered questions about DSLR settings. We all […]

Teaching Photography Workshops Galore at Craftcation 2014!

Screen shot 2014-04-03 at 5.14.53 PM

I’m teaching at the Craftcation Conference in Ventura, CA today and tomorrow! My classes usually fill up, so I decided to put my hand-outs online for those of you who can’t attend my: DIY Lightbox Workshop or my Getting to Know your DSLR Workshop: Radmegans Understanding Exposure Radmegans_recipe_for_DOF Radmegans_recipe_for_LongExposure Radmegans_recipe_for_Bracketing (download and print these, fold […]

Roman Numeral Ten Marks the Spot (The Latest in Treasure Map Onesies)

curious kid10 mo

Lars, you sweet, curious boy. I actually had this month’s treasure map onesie made on-time, but now that you crawl everywhere and can crab-walk around the couches, there seems to be zero time to get anything else done besides feed you, change you, chase you around the park, backyard, and our ever-shrinking home, and give […]

Nine Months Later: Lars and his Onesie


Meet the boy who has been on this earth as long as he was growing inside me! Weird. Lars is nine months old (and 10 days, it’s been a busy month) and he’s more active than ever. His first little tooth poked through this month! He backward crawls, which is awesome until he gets stuck […]

A Pull-Tab Valentine’s Day Card


Valentine’s Day is around the corner and if you want to make a card that will reveal your true feelings, I have a pull-tab card tutorial on eHow. At first glance, this card looks like an average heart and arrow, but if you pull on the arrow (the tabs in disguise) your message is revealed! Check […]

Stuck On You: A Valentine for Garden Lovers


Looking for a Valentine’s Day card for your plant-loving sweetie? I have a new tutorial up on just for my fellow green thumbs! Make a double-hearted cactus card and your special someone will stick with you FOREVER.  Or, at least be wowed by your paper-crafting skills and thoughtfulness. Visit eHow for the tutorial!