Monster FINGER Puppets for Halloween


I have a new kid-friendly tutorial on eHow!  These Monster FINGER Puppets for Halloween are fun to make and a blast to play with. Warning, if you have multiple kids, they will most likely spend hours trying to scare each other with their new, creepy digits! See the full tutorial on


Yarn Scrap Lion Headdress for Halloween (or a Jungle Cruise Costume Party)


Last-minute Halloween costumes are inevitable. But sometimes they are remarkable.  If you’ve found yourself in the position of needing a Halloween costume and don’t have the time to order one, or make anything elaborate, let me help. This yarn scrap lion headdress will take an afternoon at most, it pairs well with yellow and brown […]

Paper Zombie Hand Pouches for Halloween Favors

Paper Zombie Hand Pouches for Halloween

I often craft with kids, but they are often kids between ages 7-13, or my son who isn’t even two yet. My four-year old niece is super crafty, but hasn’t been invited to a lot of our maker-dates because I didn’t want her to get frustrated with projects that would wear her out. These GHOULISH […]

New BUST Magazine Article: Laundry, Sorted (Plus, more tips!)


I wrote an article on “Green Laundry” for the Oct/Nov 2014 issue of BUST Magazine! It’s got loads (pun intended) of great information on how to do laundry in an environmentally green, cruelty-free and wallet-friendly way! We changed our laundry habits this year, and it’s been a huge success and money-saver! Below are a couple […]